Hi everyone!  Here’s a fun little project we put together using our two latest shop addtions: Colored Dot Stickers + Mini Envelopes.

For this advent calendar we decided to form the shape of a tree (it looks so cute on the wall in Marichelle’s house), but you could create any shape you like (perhaps a wreath or other festive form).

For this project we used:

  • Colored Dot Stickers
  • Mini Envelopes
  • Delicate Paper Doilies (for tree topper)
  • Double-sided tape (although we recommend using a product such as UHU Tac Adhesive Putty)
  • Scrap paper for the notes inside the envelopes
  • Fine-tipped marker

To start we positioned our first envelope for the top of the tree and stuck it to the wall with removable adhesive.  Then working down from there we formed rows in the following amounts:

  • Row One: 1 envelope
  • Row Two: 2 envelopes
  • Row Three: 3 envelopes
  • Row Four: 4 envelopes
  • Row Five: 5 envelopes
  • Row Six: 7 envelopes
  • Row Seven: 1 envelope (for tree trunk)
  • Row Eight: 2 envelopes (for tree stand)

On each envelope we stuck one of our Colored Dot Stickers and then wrote numbers 1-25 on them with a fine-tipped marker.  Inside each envelope tucked a little note with a clue where the advent gift for that day can be found (i.e. “Look inside the junk drawer”).  We finished he whole thing off with a “tree topper” a.k.a. one of our Delicate Paper Lace Dolies.  So fun and easy to create!

Find the products used in this project in our Nice Package (etsy shop) + Nice Package (big cartel shop).

Have fun! xo Ez + Marichelle

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