Hello everyone!  The holidays are upon us and just like you we are scrambling around finishing up last minute shopping and such.  Fortunately our project today might be the easiest one yet, and the results are simply lovely: D.I.Y. 5 Minute Paper Doily Garland!

Supplies needed:

  • 5 free minutes of time (or less)
  • Delicate Paper Lace Doilies Set
  • Baker’s Twine (or other thin twine)
  • Double-sided tape (optional)


Take your paper doilies and fold them in half:

Cut the length of Baker’s Twine that you’d like and sandwich your twine inside your folded doilies.  Space doilies out as desired.  The doilies will stay put pretty well, but continue to the next step if you want your doilies to be a little more secure.

(optional) Use double sided tape to secure doilies (place a piece inside each doily and press to adhere):

Hang and enjoy!  Happy holidays from both of us to all of you!

xox Ez + Marichelle

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